Vintage Hippie AESTHETIC Wallpaper [25+ IMAGES]

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Please choose your hippie aesthetic wallpaper from our collection. 25+ images that have a share option. That is awesome.

Hippie Aesthetic Wallpaper

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Tresnit: Aesthetics are Still Great

It’s the classic sophomore story: I just moved into my first apartment, and it looked like a hospital room. The uninspiring white walls felt like they were closing in on me with their menacing emptiness, and the bare blue mattress mocked me for having no style.

I worried that I made a mistake in choosing this building, but I was temporarily relieved when I remembered what a difference decorations would make. I then considered how daunting it is to make the room look coordinated whatsoever. “This would be so much easier if I had an aesthetic,” I thought to myself.

I’m just kidding about that last part, but aesthetics have been popularized on social media in the last several years and show no sign of leaving any time soon. The term refers to different trends in clothing, decorations and hobbies grouped together by a shared look. Examples include cottagecore and dark academia.

VW beatles

As a ubiquitous part of internet culture, grunge hippie aesthetic can be a fun way to explore and define a cohesive personal style. Much like personality quizzes, they’re an outlet for simple categorization.

But do we need to put a label on everything? Is there really any need for an aesthetic called normcore? Why distinguish between dark and light aesthetic? While finding a style you like is meant to be enjoyable, it can verge on completely ridiculous. Categorizing everything you do, wear and consume leads to increasingly outlandish descriptors. Trying to summarize your entire sense of self in just a few words is bound to fail, and we all know that no one fits perfectly into these boxes, so why do we continue?

Moreover, aesthetic hippie wallpapers ideals tend to be far from inclusive. A search for any well known aesthetic (think Y2K or VSCO girl) on social media apps like TikTok and Pinterest largely yields results from one group in particular: thin white women with apparent access to money. Obviously these people are entitled to experiment with their style, but when they’re almost exclusively presented as the ideal across aesthetics, everyone who doesn’t fit that description may feel left out. As a choice, aesthetics are pretty harmless, but the idea that you needone is laughable. I remember this one video from Pamibaby on Tik Tok, it had a lot of vintage posters behind her. It was so cool and retro.