The Future of Cloud Gaming on Mobile Devices

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Online casinos have come a long way since the early years when they had a basic interface, downloadable software, and very few games. Today, online casinos have moved to the cloud, allowing players unprecedented accessibility, especially on mobile devices.

But how exactly does cloud gaming work in the casino industry? And what is its impact on mobile gambling? We sat down with online casino expert Bernard Maumo of online casino France. to discuss how cloud gaming is transforming mobile gambling and the future of cloud gaming on mobile devices.

Understanding Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming allows users to play casino games through remote servers operated by the casino. The games are streamed to your device, eliminating the need to download and install them on your mobile device.

Bernard Maumo states, “The heavy lifting is done by virtual servers, and you only need to worry about bandwidth and not your smartphone’s processing power.”

How Cloud Gaming Is Transforming Mobile Gambling

Cloud gaming has completely changed how we experience casino games on mobile devices. Below are some of the ways the technology is transforming mobile gambling.


Cloud gaming allows players to enjoy their favorite games on virtually any mobile device. There is no need to download and install the various casino games, which removes the constraints of device specifications.

“Cloud gaming brings your favorite casino games to your smartphone without taking up extra storage space, CPU capacity, or using other resources,” says Maumo. “This makes online casinos more accessible than ever with users able to game seamlessly even on lower-end smartphones.”

“With device limitations no longer a factor, players enjoy a wider variety of games, from live dealer games to multiplayer games and skill-based games like poker and blackjack,” he adds.

Enhanced Graphics and Immersive Gameplay

Cloud computing significantly improves graphics and performance when playing casino games on mobile devices. It offloads graphics rendering to remote servers, ensuring uniform and high-quality visuals for all players regardless of device specifications.

“Cloud gaming enables online casinos to have high-quality visuals in real-time. Games with heavy graphics, like live dealer games and 3D slot machines, benefit from the rapid rendering capabilities of cloud servers, creating a visually stunning and immersive experience for players,” says Maumo.


Casinos also enjoy unprecedented scalability, enabling them to easily meet increased demand at minimal cost. Cloud computing also allows gaming companies to scale down when demand is low to reduce resources and cut costs.

Cloud computing allows online casinos to allocate only the necessary resources, reducing costs,” says Maumo. “When demand is high, they can quickly scale up by allocating more storage, processing power, and bandwidth to ensure players enjoy a smooth experience at all times.”

He adds, “On the flip side, operators can scale down during off-peak hours, saving on costs.”

The Future of Cloud Gaming on Mobile Devices

Cloud gaming has risen to become an inalienable part of online mobile gambling. And the future couldn’t look any brighter thanks to recent technological advancements like the 5G network.

With latency the biggest problem facing cloud gaming on mobile devices, 5G’s other-worldly speed is expected to be a real game changer.

Other trends influencing the future of cloud gaming on mobile devices include:

Edge Computing

Edge computing can further lower latency and improve your cloud gaming experience. It stations servers near players to reduce the distance traveled by gaming inputs and video streams.

“By putting their servers as close as possible to players, online casinos can lower latency and ensure a smooth gaming experience on mobile devices,” says Maumo.

Blockchain and Cloud Computing

One of the issues that online casinos face is the perceived lack of transparency. “While cloud computing and especially live dealer games improve trust, combining this with blockchain technology can ensure unprecedented levels of transparency and trust,” says Maumo. On top of verifying the fairness of online casino games, blockchain technology can improve the security of transactions.