3 Methods of How to Enhance Video Quality on Multiple Devices & Platforms

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Summary –

Whether it is your old birthday or wedding videos, your travel vlog, or tutorial videos, you certainly need crystal clear videos while knowing how to enhance video quality.


When the $ 3900.83 million worldwide video editing software industry is expected to reach $ 4974.86 million by 2027 with an expansion at a CAGR of 4.14%, you can’t ignore the power of video editing to give an outstanding appeal to any average-looking video.

Video quality enhancement is one of the most essential aspects of video editing to remove blurriness, digital noise, dull lighting, hazy motions, etc. So, here, you will get the three high-end methods to enhance video quality by acknowledging the real purpose of video enhancement.

Why Do You Need to Enhance Video Quality?

Suppose you want to enjoy your old, outdated, damaged, or poor-quality movies or personal video collection in the latest 4K resolution on your latest high-definition device. In that case, you need the best video enhancer to enhance video quality as per your resolution requirement. Apart from personal use, video enhancer has a great impact on videos made for business or professional use. Let’s have a quick look at the fundamental reasons for video enhancement.

  • To match up the high-resolution of the latest devices
  • To make any video clear, crisp and vibrant
  • To remove unwanted blurriness, lines, etc, from the video
  • To invite maximum visitors to your websites & keep them engaged with attractive, high-quality video
  • To increase social media popularity

So, when you know the most important reason for video enhancement, it’s time to know how to enhance video quality on multiple platforms with 3 methods.

Method 1: How to Enhance Video Quality on Windows With UniFab All-In-One

In the age of AI automation, to enjoy AI-enhanced video without video-enhancing skills or manual intervention, UniFab is a one-stop shop. While exploring the auto conversion of any video to HDR or Dolby Vision, you can upscale video quality up to 1080p/4K resolution. With UniFab, you will get lossless video conversion and compression with maximum customization. So, let’s highlight this program’s advanced and automatic video-enhancing functions.

Fascinating Functions

  • Upscale SDR video to HDR 10 with HDR Upscaler AI to expand brightness range and display color gamut
  • Utilize Video Enlarger AI tech to enlarge  original resolution up to 4K
  • It handles various types of videos, including black-and-white movies, animation, homemade videos, old TV series, etc
  • Upmix audio track to EAC3 5.1 or DTS 7.1
  • It offers multiple format support such as MP4, MKV, WMV etc
  • Explore extensive video editing with cropping, trimming, rotating, etc

Step 1: After opening the UniFab app to enhance video quality, double-click the UniFab icon and select the enlarger mode.

Step 2: Add your desired video to enhance quality in the local file and initiate the output profile customization resolution, quality, format, frame rate, etc.

Step 3: Finally, select the “Start” option to enhance the video quality of your selected video file, and UniFab will get you enhanced video in a few minutes.

Method 2: How to Enhance Video Quality on Mac, iPhone, or iPad with a built-in app

Apple-made iMovie is a free built-in video editing app to enhance video quality on your Mac. Despite being an all-in-one video editor, iMovie doesn’t support video-enhancing functions on iPhones or iPads. Therefore, to enhance video quality on the iOS platform, you need to use some built-in video editing features of the iOS device. So, here you go with the steps of how to enhance video quality free on Mac, iPhone & iPad.

On Mac using iMovie

Step 1: After opening iMovie on your Mac, select Create New Project> Upload the video file you want to enhance > Drag the video file to the timeline for later video enhancement.

Step 2: Head to the “Enhance” option in the adjustment bar in the above preview window. Now, you are ready to enhance the video quality on your Macbook.

On iPhone/iPad, using the Built-in Editor

Step 1: Start with the “Photo” app on your iOS device to access the video-enhancing functions.

Step 2: After locating your desired video for enhancement, open the video > select the “Edit” option from the top right corner.

Step 3: Head to the bottom screen to select several video editing options and raise video resolution to enhance the video quality.

Step 4: Select the “Auto” option to customize video effects. Here, you can explore other video-enhancing options such as noise reduction, brightness, contrast, etc. So, using these built-in video editing tools, you can easily enhance your video for its crisp and clear visuals.

Method 3: How to Enhance Video Quality Free on Any Device With the Online App Clideo

When looking for a free online app to enhance video quality on any device or platform, including computer, mobile, tablet, etc, Clideo is the most popular one. It offers multiple video settings, including brightness, saturation, contrast, etc. This free online app will transform your video with an intuitive interface and multiple format support, including MP4, MOV, AVI, etc. Without separate software installation or registration hassle, you can explore this video enhancer for free.

Step 1: After opening the app using any web browser on your desired device, select the “Choose file” option to import your required video file to this app.

Step 2: Alternatively, select the down arrow on the right side to import video from any cloud storage, including Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Step 3: Use the slider to customize different settings, including brightness, contrast, color, focus, etc. If you don’t like the output, you should select “Reset all”> Start over > Export to let the app work.

Step 4: Use the preview option, and once you are satisfied with the output result, save the enhanced video to the cloud storage or personal device.

Step 5: If you still don’t enjoy the output, select “Edit” and start all over again.



Does video enhancement compromise the original video quality?

No, with video enhancement, you will upscale the video quality by enhancing the video resolution, size, frame rate, etc., without losing its original quality.

What is the best app for video enhancement?

AI-based apps are in high demand to enhance video quality with full automation. UniFab All-In-One offers a fully automatic AI-based video-enhancing function under one roof.


If you need a video-enhancing tool or app to enhance video quality for your personal or professional purposes, you can try any of the above-mentioned methods. However, if you don’t have any technical video-enhancing skills or can’t spend hours on it, the AI automation of UniFab All-In-One would be perfect for you.