An agreement has been reached – the same port plug-in for all mobile devices charging in the European Union from 2024

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All new devices on the European Union market will have to have a USB-C input for a unique charger by the fall of 2024, in order to reduce electronic waste, the Council of the EU, the European Commission, and the European Parliament agreed today, reports Politico.

Mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, headphones, Quotes, video game consoles, and portable speakers that charge with a cable will have to have a USB Type-C input, regardless of their manufacturer, the statement said, adding that laptops within 40 months to adapt to the new requirements.

The manufacturer that will have to make the most significant changes is Apple, which opposed this proposal in September.

The Single Charger Directive should be adopted at the plenary session in July.

It is the first agreement of its kind in the world and was followed after the companies failed to agree on a common solution. The European Commission advocated for a single charging port for mobile devices more than a decade ago, reports Reuters.

Let us remind you the main reason for the new proposal for the Directive on radio equipment, which also includes the decision on the USB-C charger, is ecology – a large number of different chargers create electronic waste that can be reduced, according to the Commission.

“Innovations and rapid market development have led to a large number of devices and different chargers. Although innovations are welcome, this has led to consumer frustration due to incompatible solutions and a negative impact on the environment,” said an official from the European Commission. According to him, the proposed measures will apply to smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and smaller consoles for video games, and the goal is both to make it easier for users and to reduce the “ecological footprint” associated with the production of disposal charger.