Best Not Expensive Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers

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The Christmas season is coming – it’s time to think about a gift for your beer lover.

We have compiled some original ideas, among which you will find the one that will be highly appreciated by a gift recipient.

  1. Mr Beer brewing kit

This is a perfect option for a beginner brewer who is just starting to learn the basics of making this drink.

Mr Beer kit includes everything necessary to brew delicious beer in your kitchen: brewery extract, yeast, fermenter, etc.

The manufacturer offers a large selection of kits: dark stouts with chocolate and coffee flavors, wheat beer, various lagers and ales with citrus notes – here you can easily find what your beer lover likes!

The detailed instructions that each kit includes will make the brewing process even more simple and exciting!

Best Not Expensive Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers
  1. Jockey box

These little beer dispensing coolers are the perfect solution for an outdoor party!

With them, the process of serving this drink will become more spectacular and convenient, and the beer will remain fresh and cold for longer.

You can choose both a traditional one-tap model and retro-style products designed for two taps.

  1. Customized beer taps

An excellent solution that will emphasize how a person is passionate about the culture of serving draft beer.

You can choose the desired material (wood or ceramic), shape (from simple to unique retro models) and decorate it with the name of your favorite beer.

  1. Beer kegs

Usually, home brewers work with corny kegs. Due to their convenient size and weight, they are ideal for producing and storing small batches of this alcoholic beverage.

  1. Drip trays

They make the beer dispensing process more accurate and convenient. A large selection of different models guarantees that you will find the best option for any home bar.

Contact Beverage Craft representatives to buy the original Mr Beer brewing kit, jockey box, drip trays, or any other equipment. This company has long been known on the market and offers an excellent selection of bar equipment and products for home brewing.

Here you will be helped to choose a high-quality, inexpensive, and practical gift that will impress your brewer!