Google’s new security policy: Removal of personal data from searches is requested

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Google announced today that it will allow people to request that more types of content, such as personal information – phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses – be removed from search results, AP reports.

The new security policy allows for the removal of other information that may pose a risk for identity theft, such as confidential login credentials. We have covered this on our YIMUSANFENDI Post.

In a statement, Google stated that open access to information is vital, but also empowers people with the tools they need to protect themselves and preserve the sensitive information that can identify them.

“Online privacy and security go hand in hand, and when you use the Internet, it’s important to have control over how your sensitive, personal information can be found,” the company said.

While Google Search has previously allowed people to request highly personal content that could cause direct harm to be removed, information is increasingly appearing in unexpected places and being used in new ways, so policies must evolve, the company said.

“It is important to remember that removing content from Google search will not remove it from the Internet, so you may want to contact the hosting site directly if you are comfortable doing so,” Google said.