JetX Crash – what secrets does the popular game hide?

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In modern online casinos over the past 4 years there is an additional section with games called Crash. This is a special type of slots built on mechanics different from the usual slot machines and even more so from card games. One of the most famous representatives of this category is JetX from the developer SmartSoft Gaming. The game was released in 2019 and is still in demand. What is its secret – let’s sort it out.

What is the essence of crash game JetX?

Games from this category have special mechanics. It all starts with the player’s bet. Then the gameplay is started and the bet starts to grow. At the beginning of the game, the odds are x1, which means a profit is already formed during the first second of the round. At some point there will be a crash, that is, the bet will burn out. The point is to pick up the bet before that happens.

In JetX real money games, bets are placed on an plane.. It is on the runway and then takes to the sky. The higher the Jet, the higher the odds. But at any moment it can explode. It is impossible to predict the outcome: it can happen in the third second of the round, when the odds go up by only a couple of hundredths, or it can happen in the third minute, when it is already several hundred. This is determined by a random number generator.

JetX Game Specifications

SmartSoft Gaming indicates that the RTP of this machine is 97%. In the industry, this is a good indicator. If the player learns how to manage his bankroll properly, he can earn significantly.

The game provides two fields for betting. Range: from 0.01 to 100. Only one field can be used, but experienced players use both. This helps to manage the budget more efficiently, as one of the bets can be a safety net.

Stake management here is convenient and typical for all gambling: you can choose it manually, immediately set the maximum or minimum level, or choose a fixed amount from the proposed.

JetX offers two modes:

  1. manual;
  2. automatic.

In the first case, the player himself makes a bet and takes it at the right time. In the second, the bet is set automatically and is taken when the coefficient reaches the amount previously set by the player.

The game also has such elements:

  • statistics;
  • player’s history;
  • group chat;
  • player history from one round.

Since the game is multiplayer, participants can communicate with each other. You can see how it all works in the demo mode. In this, the game is similar to the legendary Aviator.

Payouts in the JetX game

In the machine, the player has more control over the bet than in other casino games. He can decide at what point to pick up the bet. It’s easy to play here with minimal risk, picking up the bet shortly after the start of the round, thus gradually increasing the bankroll. The money will be credited to the player’s account immediately.

The volatility in this game is definitely low. Here you do not have to wait long for the winnings. You can get it practically in every round, if you press the bet collection button in time.

The maximum winnings available in the game is x1000.
Given the high RTP and such bet management options, playing for money at JetX is profitable. To increase the chances of winning will help the following tips:

  • Use small amounts;
  • Do not wait until the plane takes off too high;
  • Use the second bet for insurance.

Tricky schemes and cheating in the game will not work, because it runs on a random number generator – it determines how soon after the start of the round the plane explodes. It is recommended to practice with the JetX demo version before playing for real money.

Strategies and charts for playing JetX

There are many strategies that are based on mathematical calculations.
For example, the Martingale strategy involves increasing the bet by 2 times after each win.

The strategy of two repeat winnings is to make the first bet large and take away at the minimum odds, and the second to make the minimum and take away at the maximum odds. According to player reviews, it is the most valid. The developer for this purpose and added a second field for betting.

You can use them, but first it is recommended to try them in free mode.
Also, you should be prepared for the fact that no strategy gives a 100% guarantee of winning. No mathematical calculation it is impossible to find out what number the generator will choose for the next round in Jet X.

Differences from other crash games

There are other Crush games on the market. Despite the fact that they all work on the same principle, there are still differences. Jet X can be considered a more advanced version, as there are:

  • pleasant design and interesting design – more vivid than in the same Aviator;
  • more activities, for example, there is a group chat, which is not in Space XY from the developer BGaming;
  • dynamic gameplay, where the player can join rounds or just watch them.

That’s not to say that JetX pays more than other games. It depends on the RTP, and it is in all machines of this genre is in the same limit and is only a rough indicator. However, experience playing the slot shows that it rarely brings odds less than 1.5, and this gives good opportunities for big winnings.

Jetix does not slow down at all, as it is adaptive and suitable for all devices. In games like this, where seconds count, this is a very important indicator. This is facilitated by the simple design of the slot. It has no unnecessary elements that would require fast internet or a powerful device.

Compared with other crash games, JetX can be considered the leader. It appeared one of the first and offers the most complete gameplay, exciting and dynamic gameplay and smooth launch. The simplicity and speed of winning in JetX is the main reason for such a hype around the simple slot.