Top Tips to Help You Obtain Your New York Real Estate License Online

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If you’re aspiring to become a real estate agent, the New York real estate market is one of the best to work in. It offers ample opportunities for you to build a rewarding career. But before you can legally practice in the industry, you need to obtain your real estate license.

Fortunately, you don’t have to attend a class-based program especially if you’re juggling other commitments because you can pursue your real estate license in New York online. To help you understand how to get your NY realtor’s license online, this article looks at some practical tips you can employ.

Select the right online pre-licensing course

All licensees must undertake a 77-hour pre-licensing course as per the requirements set by the New York Department of State (NYDOS). Given that there are several New York real estate schools, you need to choose the right online course provider that suits your needs, preferences, and budget.

It is important to choose the best New York real estate school because it has a significant impact on your learning experience.  Some of the things to consider as you choose your course provider include:

·        State approval– make sure the institution is approved by NYDOS by checking on the NYDOS website.

·        Course features– check if the program has interactive elements, career guidance, and sample practice exams. Also, ensure their real estate courses in New York are accessible on mobile devices for easy access.

·        Course delivery format – choose a provider whose delivery method be it instructor-led or self-paced program matches your learning style.

·        Student reviews – go through reviews by former students to understand the quality of instructions, learning materials, and overall student experience.

Develop effective learning and revision habits

Having chosen the right school, you need to develop effective habits for you to succeed in getting your real estate license in New York online. Below are some tips you can use to optimize your online learning:

·        Set a study schedule- allocate a dedicated study time every day to remain on track

·        Use the various available resources- make the most of online forums and reach out to your instructors

·        Optimize practice exams- make it a habit to regularly test your comprehension of the course content and readiness for the exam. You can take advantage of the free online real estate courses in NYC offered by your school or other providers to help you prepare for the exam. Also, use the practice exam questions to identify the areas in which you should focus more before the exam.

·        Simulate exam conditions- before the actual exam, ensure you create a realistic testing exam, say at home, and take a sample timed exam to get accustomed to the pressure of a timed test.

Find a good sponsoring broker before applying for your license

Once you pass your licensing exam, you will need to work under a New York licensed broker to supervise your work for a specific duration. When you are looking for a sponsoring broker, take your time and check out several brokerages and their areas of expertise so you choose one in line with your interests and goals. Also, try to find out more about the brokers’ mentorship approach, commission structure, and training programs.


It is convenient and affordable to obtain your real estate license in New York online if you follow the above steps. Your choice of New York real estate school will greatly determine how well you sail through the process and your overall experience so take time when choosing. Also, ensure you dedicate enough time to your studies and prepare well for your exam to pass it on the first attempt.