What CMS to Choose for Your Website in 2023?

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Building a functional and high-performing site might get challenging. There are certain aspects you need to consider before hitting the road. However, the most crucial thing is a website’s backbone — a content management system (CMS). If you are reading this post from Drupfan Drupal development company, you are probably hesitating: what CMS platform is better to choose for your website in 2023? Let’s find out!

What CMS to Choose for Your Website in 2023?

Most Popular CMS Platforms in the World 2023

Today, Drupal and WordPress are the most popular systems used worldwide for website development. Although they have a lot in common, differences still exist. The choice of content management systems directly depends on your business goal, desired functionality, and requirements.

Drupal is an open-source CMS launched in 2001. It powers 1 in 30 sites across the globe, including NASA, Tesla, etc. Drupal is perfect for medium and large-sized websites with complex structures. It’s a good choice for eCommerce as well. Besides, Drupal is famous for its high level of security which is vital for the safety of your site and users’ data. 

Drupal CMS pros

  • Secure out-of-the-box
  • Fast and responsive
  • Great accessibility
  • Powerful database
  • Allows for multiple integrations
  • SEO-friendly

WordPress is an open-source CMS created in 2003. It powers 43% of the web and is used by BBC America, The New Yorker, and others. WordPress offers a user-friendly interface and quick installation: a blog or portfolio can be created in minutes. However, this CMS lacks functionality and can’t be used for complex or enterprise-level platforms.

WordPress CMS pros

  • Offers free & premium themes and extensions
  • Easy to use for non-tech
  • SEO-friendly
  • Flexible
  • Affordable

Both WordPress and Drupal are great web development tools. There is no clear answer to what CMS is the best: it depends on your particular needs, desired functionality, and budget. Contact Drupfan Drupal development company to discuss the details of your project. We’ll gladly recommend the perfect choice just for you.